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Gon Bello - Sculptures in Stone
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De Sculptress

Creatieve Background

I was born in 1954 and I am mainly autodidact. I started my artistic career in the sixties with a lead-up art paintress fromAdriaan Bosboom in Beverwijk. After that I followed courses for working with wax and clay to produce bronze sculptures. Since 2000 I especially took part in courses and classes for sculpturing in stone. My preference is to work with softer types of stone such as alabast, various kinds of soapstone and serpentine.  Occassionely I create a bronze sculpture from a stone sculpture as you can see with images nrs 12 and 52.


Although I especially create my sculptures for myself, I also take part in expositions.

These expositions take place as well in the Netherlands as abroad, such as Italy, Germany and Spain.

For upcoming exposititions, please go to Agenda /Expositions

foto: Bastiaan Woudt

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